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  1. I'm not really looking for the mechanics of the site to be synced. My use is I have a 20 or 30 pdf files that I'd like to share with my client. Most of my clients are in corporate environments and can't install btsync without admin permission. I'd like to have a site they can access to view and download the pdf's. I might password protect the site itself, but getting to the latest versions of the files would not require a software download.
  2. I'd like to use Sync to maintain files on a client facing web portal. I'm guessing I would just need some type of file based cms front end and the plug btsync into the backend to sync files. Has anyone done this before or found any portals that would play nicely with btsync for this use?
  3. I'm curious about the interaction between Pro and Free clients. If I have a pro account and share folders with free users, is there any reduced functionality on those folders? 1) For example, if I share a folder with a free user, can I still still change their permissions any time? 2) If I share a folder with them, does it count as one of their free 10 folders?