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  1. Thanks Kramttocs, Would you be able to share the process for doing this? I've just tried syncing the Root Drive D on Computer A but it places a folder inside Drive D on Computer B. Thanks
  2. If you don't mind can I ask for some further advice... Sounds like you guys are the ones to ask... I have Drive D, called PROJECTS1, with a folder inside called PROJECTS1. This folder is connected and sync to the same drive on a second computer. Everything syncs nicely at about 10MB/s. My problem now is getting the process right for adding PROJECTS2 (on Drive E) and PROJECTS3 (on Drive F). At the moment when I add a folder from one computer (from either Drive E or F) it synchronises them to Drive D. I hope that makes sense. Basically, how do I specify which drive I want the mirror to appear on the second computer. At the moment it's defaulting to the same drive as the first successful sync. All advice gratefully received as I feel I'm on the cusp of something great here! :-) Thanks, Jamie EDIT: Aaaaaaahhh! Sussed it! Before adding a new synced drive on Computer A you have to change the "Default Folder Location" under preferences on Computer B. Then before adding the next drive you again change the default folder location. Seems like an odd way of doing things but at least now it works. 3x 2TB drives on Computer A now producing a perfect mirror on 3x 2TB drives on Computer B! Thanks for your input guys. Hope this post helps other people along the way.
  3. Thanks Colin, you're a legend. Clear explanation combined with sleep/coffee now means I have things working! Many thanks
  4. Hello. Can anyone enlighten me whether Bittorrent sync can be set up for my particular purpose. I have two computers with Drives D, E and F which I wish to mirror each other - the entire root directory of each drive, not just individual folders? My intentions is that I can work on either computer and they will contain identical files, updating the other as I go. I'm sure the answer is staring me in the face but it's 1.30am and I'm done! Many thanks in advance for any suggestions, Cheers, Jamie Video Production Bristol