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  1. Hello, I actually try to run bittorrent sync on my Zyxel NSA 325 with firmware version 4.71 (AALS.0). I installed ffp and the package of bittorrent sync for zyxel. But when I try to open the Web-UI of the bittorrent sync package with http://myNASip:8888, the browser start to load, but can not open the Web-UI, I mention other users also have the same problem. So I started to configure bittorrent sync with terminal (I am mac-user). c3rb3ru5:~ USER$ ssh root@'s password:== Welcome at FFP version 0.7/arm, running on NSA325v2 g-server, firmware V4.71(AALS.0)== root@g-server:~# cd /ffp/sbin/root@g-server:/ffp/sbin# wget http://example.com/BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz--21:06:16--'>http://example.com/BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz--21:06:16-- http://example.com/BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz => `BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz' Resolving example.com... to example.com[]:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 4,967,740[application/x-gzip] 100%[====================================>] 4,967,740 1.05M/s ETA 00:00 21:06:22 (965.44 KB/s) - `BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz' saved [4967740/4967740]root@g-server:/ffp/sbin# tar -zxvf BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gzLICENSE.TXTREADMEbtsyncroot@g-server:/ffp/sbin# ./btsyncBy using this application, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and End User License Agreement.http://www.bittorrent.com/legal/privacyhttp://www.bittorrent.com/legal/terms-of-usehttp://www.bittorrent.com/legal/eulaBitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 29346. default port = 8888root@g-server:/ffp/sbin# killall btsyncbtsync: no process foundroot@g-server:/ffp/sbin#nano btsync.conf-sh: nano: command not foundroot@g-server:/ffp/sbin# chmod a+x ./btsyncroot@g-server:/ffp/sbin# chown root:root ./btsyncroot@g-server:/ffp/sbin# cd /ffp/start/root@g-server:/ffp/start# nano btsync.sh-sh: nano: command not foundroot@g-server:/ffp/start# /usr/bin/nano~/.profil-sh: /usr/bin/nano: No such file or directoryroot@g-server:/ffp/start# sudo nano btsync.conf-sh: sudo: command not foundroot@g-server:/ffp/start# $ sudo nano btsync.conf-sh: $: command not foundroot@g-server:/ffp/start# nano btsync.conf-sh: nano: command not foundroot@g-server:/ffp/start# Connection to closed by remote host.As you can see I have the problem that the current shell of my zyxel can not execute the command nano. Why do I need the nano command? Because I want to compile the btsync.sh and the btsync.conf file: btsync.sh (should go to /ffp/start/btsync.sh) #!/ffp/bin/sh# PROVIDE: btsync# REQUIRE: LOGIN. /ffp/etc/ffp.subrname="btsync"command="/ffp/opt/btsync/bin/btsync"restart_cmd="btsync_restart"start_cmd="btsync_start"stop_cmd="btsync_stop"btsync_flags="--config /ffp/etc/btsync.conf"btsync_start(){ echo "Running ${command} ${btsync_flags}" ${command} ${btsync_flags}}btsync_stop(){ killall btsync}btsync_restart(){ killall btsync ${command} ${btsync_flags}}run_rc_command "$1"btsync.conf (should go to /ffp/etc/) { "device_name": "My Bittorrent Sync", "listening_port" : 0, // 0 - randomize port/* storage_path dir contains auxilliary app files if no storage_path field: .sync dir created in the directory where binary is located. otherwise user-defined directory will be used*/ "storage_path" : "/mnt/HD_a2/.sync", "pid_file" : "/ffp/var/run/btsync.pid", "check_for_updates" : true, "use_upnp" : true, // use UPnP for port mapping/* limits in kB/s 0 - no limit*/ "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0,/* remove "listen" field to disable WebUI remove "login" and "password" fields to disable credentials check*/ "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "login", "password" : "password" }}I have asked google several times, but I could not find any solution how to enable nano in my shell. To be honest I am an absolut newbie, so I would be very happy about any tipps or step by step instructions. I also have an own idea: When I start my terminal I am able to use the command nano and I am able to create a new text file (.sh & .conf). So I would like to do the following steps: 1) I create the files btsync.sh and btsync.conf on my terminal in GUI 2) I save these two files on my Macbook 3) I start a new shell seasion on my zyxel and load the new created files (from my macbook) two the regarding directory on my zyxel My problems: 1) How do I save the created files to my desktop? ( command?) 2) How do I tell my shell to take the created files and load them in the regarding directory? (command?) 3) Do I have any logical issues in this idea? When I have created and saved the files to the right directory bittorrent sync should run: Is that right or do I have write any other commands in my shell? root@NSA310:~# ./btsync --helpBitTorrent Sync 1.0.116Usage: btsync [--config <path>] [--nodaemon] [--generate-secret] [--dump-sample-config] [--help] [--get-ro-secret <secret>]Options: --config - location and name of configuration file --nodaemon - do not use daemon mode --generate-secret - generate shared secret --get-ro-secret - get read only secret for existing master secret --dump-sample-config - dump sample config file --help - print this message and exitI want to use the app bittorrent sync for my macbook, so I need a secret key for sync folder, how do I get this secret key? root@NSA310:~# ./btsync --generate-secretIs that right? I would be very happy about any answers, if possible please format your answer structured and step by step. Thank you very much! With best regards. Matthias