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  1. No, it is not the only reason. There are too many changes in the wrong direction for my taste. I wish I had never upgraded. Seriously, the Beta is supposed to be a testing ground to make the official release glorious. The official release is not supposed to debut as an entirely new piece of software. Not needing a profile, username, identity, alias, what have you was a HUGE part of the appeal of Sync. It was simple. I have the program and a folder. My friend has the program. I send him a code, now he has the folder. Now, having to have a primary device and sub devices? That is overly complex. Does my friend say his is the primary device, or does he need to be a sub to my device to connect to my swarm? The new 'feature' of displaying all possible synced folders to all connected devices is terrible. What if I have synced folders between my home and mobile that I don't want displayed or even hinted at on my work computer? The 10 folder limit is ludicrous. It is arbitrary and it is an obvious money grab. This software is not run on any servers owned or operated by BitTorrent. This software runs on my devices and uses my bandwidth and my hard drives. BitTorrent does not back anything up, they shouldn't even ever be aware of what is going on in my own personal cloud. That is part of the appeal. Why should there be any kind of limit on the number of folders I want syncing between all my devices and my friends' devices? Nothing changes for BitTorrent if I have 10 folders or 100 folders. Does it? The appeal is that this is a completely self hosted cloud. That no one else has access to or can even connect to the cloud unless a member invites them in. So, why the folder limit? Two possible scenarios are it is a money grab (likely) or they don't want to tax their own hardware as they watch through the back door (unlikely, but who knows). There are more scenarios, but those are the most incendiary I can come up with right now. (Taking off my tin foil hat.) I am extremely unhappy with the direction this software has taken. Beta was extremely simple and useful. I could control who saw my files and where they went. 2.0 has become unreasonably complicated and I am not confident I can set it up to be as secure as I would like it to be. Many people have mentioned other software that performs a similar function as Beta. I am going to be checking them out and will likely switch unless you folks get your act together with 2.0.