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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing this implementation with us. I have a problem with the SetPreferences() method. Whenever I try to set the variables some of them are not saved. Here is an example: SyncPreferences pref = new SyncPreferences();pref.DeviceName = tb_deviceName.Text;pref.UseUPNP = cb_useUpnp.Checked;pref.ListeningPort = Int32.Parse(tb_listeningPort.Text);var response = await client.SetPreferences(pref);If I go into the Debugger I can see that UseUPNP is set to true. The Request that is build also contains this parameter. But if I look at the response (which should be a list of the new set preferences) the useupnp parameter is now false (or 0 in the response context). I think it only affects values of the type Boolean because for example "deviceName" is saved correctly. I don't know what exactly could be the cause of this. Do you have the same problem? Could this have something to do with the Json converter?