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  1. I'm sorry, I had a quick look around and wasn't aware about the existing issue. So I can only confirm the public beta has dropped, and I'm as well unable to make use of my paid license..
  2. Hi, Synology today released its public DSM 7.0 Beta. I updated my DS414, but the Resilio package is not compatible. Would it be possible to update the Synology packages please? Thanks in advance,
  3. I have Resilio running on a Synology NAS and a PC and iMac. The Synology is syncing some subfolders of my "/documents" shared folder to the Mac (not selectively), but when I try to Selective sync the "/documents" root folder to the PC, nothing happens. A ".sync" folder gets created, but no other files or folders sync. The status shows as synced, the log doesn't show any activity or errors. I can't figure out how to make it work, and whether it's related to the following, or to something else altogether...
  4. Hi pattulus, I'm not into linux at all, but 2.13 is actually newer than 2.3: (2.5 = full inotify support) The glibc version might depend on the installed linux version though. This is not the same on all Synology architectures, see:
  5. Hello all. I'm on DS414 (armadaxp architecture). 2 weeks ago I updated BTsync 1.4 to 2.0.85-1 without a problem. Today I tried to update to 2.0.93-1, but the package install failed. I had to reboot my DS, after which the package center displayed that 2.0.93-1 is installed, but it doesn't run as it should (doesn't display the GUI). Further attempts with 2.0.93-1 fail as well, reinstalling 2.0.85-1 gets refused. Any ideas on how to get BTsync up and running again? Can I uninstall without losing my shared folders?