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  1. @iswrong Yes, Syncthing is no alternative for more than basic syncing scenarios. I'm going to test AeroFS this weekend. BTSync wasn't usable on my tablet (no context-menu-options) and didn't sync behind our company's firewall. There is no support from the team, even I was sure to buy the pro version when my problems were solved (as I need selective sync). 40$ is too expensive for not responding to support requests.
  2. As my trial period ends in a few days and there seems not to be any support when having serious bugs I think I will try to find another piece of software to buy/subscribe to. Thalon
  3. As an addition: On my other computers the "main"-folders do have a small BTSync-Icon in Windows Explorer. This is missing on the computer where I have the problem. OS is Windows 8.1. Seems to be buggy?
  4. Another possibility is to set up your pi as "predefined host" on the other clients. Do a port forwarding to the listening port of your pi and use this data for the predefined host setting.
  5. Hi guys, I've a problem on one of my windows clients: I'm missing the explorer context menu entries - Sync to this device - Remove from this device - Remove from all devices I do have: - Share with Bittorrent Sync The share-menu is also available on already synced folders. At the current state I can not sync a whole folder to my device. Selective Sync is enabled and the bts-File is downloaded on double-click. Does anyone have an idea how to get this entries? Reinstall didn't help and I can see the registration in ShellExView from Nirsofer, so it's a bit strange..
  6. 25-30€ for the base (Pro) software and 5-10€ per year for the relay-servers.
  7. I have set up a very limited user for BTSync and a group. Only these have access too my files. Seems to be the best way for my limited Linux experience.
  8. I'm pretty new to BTSync and I really understand why people are upset and I want to add my 2 cents (and something new). Using softlinks you can get all your folders into one btsync-folder without changing anything. Only shares with friends will then possibly exceed the limit of 10 connections. I use this myself with Dropbox with its one folder limit. The other thing is: The pro allows selective sync which I didn't find in other projects for a cheaper price. As I am going to use BTSync for about 2TB of data and want to connect a tablet this is a must have requirement. So far I don't see a real competitor for this use case, even considered the hefty price. Do you? Thalon As I seem not to be able to edit: I wanted to mention to, that BTSync has to run relay servers for the easy connection from external (or with friends) despite changing IP addresses, so there are permanent costs even for the free users. But the price tag is really a bit high though. I would find 30$ once and 10$ per year enough, new versions should be charged extra.