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  1. @iswrong Yes, Syncthing is no alternative for more than basic syncing scenarios. I'm going to test AeroFS this weekend. BTSync wasn't usable on my tablet (no context-menu-options) and didn't sync behind our company's firewall. There is no support from the team, even I was sure to buy the pro version when my problems were solved (as I need selective sync). 40$ is too expensive for not responding to support requests.
  2. As my trial period ends in a few days and there seems not to be any support when having serious bugs I think I will try to find another piece of software to buy/subscribe to. Thalon
  3. As an addition: On my other computers the "main"-folders do have a small BTSync-Icon in Windows Explorer. This is missing on the computer where I have the problem. OS is Windows 8.1. Seems to be buggy?
  4. Another possibility is to set up your pi as "predefined host" on the other clients. Do a port forwarding to the listening port of your pi and use this data for the predefined host setting.
  5. Hi guys, I've a problem on one of my windows clients: I'm missing the explorer context menu entries - Sync to this device - Remove from this device - Remove from all devices I do have: - Share with Bittorrent Sync The share-menu is also available on already synced folders. At the current state I can not sync a whole folder to my device. Selective Sync is enabled and the bts-File is downloaded on double-click. Does anyone have an idea how to get this entries? Reinstall didn't help and I can see the registration in ShellExView from Nirsofer, so it's a bit strange..
  6. 25-30€ for the base (Pro) software and 5-10€ per year for the relay-servers.
  7. I have set up a very limited user for BTSync and a group. Only these have access too my files. Seems to be the best way for my limited Linux experience.
  8. I'm pretty new to BTSync and I really understand why people are upset and I want to add my 2 cents (and something new). Using softlinks you can get all your folders into one btsync-folder without changing anything. Only shares with friends will then possibly exceed the limit of 10 connections. I use this myself with Dropbox with its one folder limit. The other thing is: The pro allows selective sync which I didn't find in other projects for a cheaper price. As I am going to use BTSync for about 2TB of data and want to connect a tablet this is a must have requirement. So far I don't see a real