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  1. Do you know of anything I can do to achieve this goal? My employees that are VPNing in are having troubles with how slow their access is.
  2. When you say BitTorrent Sync doesn't support multiple userids are you saying that if another administrator were to log in to our file server that it would interrupt syncing? Even if I stayed logged in? So they would switch users rather than it being me logging out and them loggin in? We're hoping that if we were to for example put a SnapServer XSR 120 at one of our offices it could have the same files on it as our main office. Meaning we would only need two BitTorrent Sync seats, unless we wanted to add more offices of course.
  3. Okay maybe not the "best" option, but does anyone know what is really good? Maybe from experience?
  4. Howdy Everyone, As I'm sure you can tell I'm new to the forums, so if this is in the wrong section I do apologize for that. I've been following BitTorrent Sync throughout the beta. Now that it's out of beta, I plan to implement it at my company. I'm pretty excited. We currently have a file server running Windows Server 2008 Standard. This host a few different network drives. But there is one main drive that almost every employee needs access to with roughly 1.4 TB of data. Currently employees at other offices have to VPN into our network to access this drive. This can sometimes be slow. My plan is to buy a NAS for these other offices in hopes that it will be almost like each office is reading and writing to a local network drive, rather than one on a different network. Which ideally would greatly speed up the process. My two questions are, What NAS should I buy? (I was kind of liking the SnapServer XSR 120 and the Drobo 5N) and Am I able to just run a service on our file server? Or will I need to stay constantly logged in? I appreciate any help, this seems like a great community that I'm excited to become a part of. Thanks!