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  1. Hi, i wanted to sync my camera folder of my Android device in both ways, so I Created a directory on my btsync server Shared this directory with my Android device, whereas I set the directory on the device to the cameras' one (DCIM) I set the folder to 'sync all' on the Android device Over several days I took some pictures and deleted pictures both on the device and on other synced devicesWhen I now open btsync on Android and open the synced folder, btsync shows me a lot of *.jpg.bts files in the download state. screenshot:
  2. Hello, I have following issue where I think no logs are needed: I have an eBook reader (onyx Boox) which is running Android 4.0.4 and doesn't belong a camera. I can install and start the sync app. But when it comes to the dialog where I can choose between connecting to an existing profile (what I want to do) and creating a new profile, nothing happens when I select the option to connect to a divice sync already is running on. This might be because of the sync app want's to start the camera for scanning the QR code, which isn't present. There should be opening a Dialog were I can enter my p