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  1. There are rare times when BTS will refuse to sync a specific sub folder of my main folder (but other subfolders are getting synced just fine). So I recommend this feature - Force recheck which does an exact recheck of all files for a particular sync and shows me a report of what is different on either side and allows me to reconcile the changes.
  2. Hi, I posted this to support already but just checking to see if anyone else experienced it. My two computers aren't syncing. If I create a file called test.txt on computer B, then on computer A, a zero byte file called test.txt.BTS is being created and the actual file is not syncing. This is a serious problem as I have git repositories that should be syncing and arent...and I hope I don't end up with broken directories! I am using the Pro version and both A and B are linked devices (I should add that I've had nothing but problems since changing B to a linked device to A.). Thanks.