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  1. Yes....this seems ridiculous...I am tired of starting at it and I am a paying customer!
  2. Recently I have noticed that the Resilio icon is often spinning and Little Snitch shows activity to and from hundreds of servers although no peers are online and the menu icon shows no data being sendt up or down. Should I be concerned?
  3. I am getting increasingly irritated that there is no fix for this issue. How am I supposed to leave BTS running if it prevents my MBP from sleeping? This is interfering on a number of different levels as so completely prevents the intended use of the app. As I have said before, I am one of those who actually paid for a license which adds to the irritation. I don't see any reason why a fix for the issue along cannot be made available unless there actually is not fix?
  4. I notice that an update just came out with no fix for the sleep the fix coming in the near future? This is a serious issue which prevents me from using BTS properly and I have paid for a license.
  5. BTW....I can can confirm that with BTS closed, all sleep issues on my system are resolved so, once again, look forward to the update so I can back to running BTS as intended.
  6. Wonderful but I hope the update comes soon as this seems to be preventing other programs from sleeping my system....Carbon Copy Cloner for example.
  7. BTS 2.) is preventing my MacBook Pro from sleeping after default interval on OSX is the pmset output: Active Profiles: Battery Power 1 AC Power -1* Currently in use: standbydelay 10800 standby 1 womp 0 halfdim 1 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage darkwakes 1 gpuswitch 2 networkoversleep 0 disksleep 10 sleep 1 (sleep prevented by BitTorrent Sync) autopoweroffdelay 14400 hibernatemode 3 autopoweroff 1 ttyskeepawake 1 displaysleep