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  1. I think the Resilio team forgot that there are countries outside of the United States, and that most other countries don't use the date format used by the US. When I hover over the tray icon, I see a message giving the 'Last synced' date. But it's in US date format. The application should take into account the system locale, and then use the appropriate date format.
  2. This is still happening, several days later. At first I suspected it's because Resilio had no staff in the office over the Christmas period to look into their infrastructure problems to figure out why their trackers can't be reached. But now we're well into January and the problem persists. So that can't be it. I wonder how one can trust using a service where many days can go by without the company fixing its servers. Haven't heard a peep from anybody at Resilio about what's going on either. No information, no updates, no acknowledgement of the problem. At this stage there's simply n
  3. Then when I quit Resilio Sync and relaunched it, it popped up the dialog asking me about connecting to the identity again. This time the choices I'd previously made were pre-populated (i.e. 'Disconnected' and 'T:\Resilio Sync') so all I had to do was hit 'Continue'. It's a mystery why this dialog popped up again. And so, in the end, I had to provide the same information 4 times on this second computer.
  4. When you go into My Devices and have a look at the information for one of your other devices, you see the IP address and MAC address. However, that MAC address is not necessarily (and probably not) associated with the same interface that the IP address is for. For example, I see this for one of my remote computers: IP address: MAC address: 00:50:56:c0:00:08 From looking at that one would think that the network interface that has the IP address on the remote machine has the MAC address 00:50:56:c0:00:08. But you'd be wrong. Because that MAC address is
  5. I installed Sync v2.5.10 on two Windows 10 x64 computers. Fresh installs with no existing Sync folders configured. On the second computer, immediately after installing and then running Sync for the first time, I linked it to my identity by entering the link that I generated on the first computer. As part of this process of linking the second computer to my identity, it asked me for the default synchronization mode (which I specified as 'Disconnected') and the default folder location (which I specified as 'T:\Resilio Sync', which is a new folder I'd created on my T-drive just before i
  6. Very disappointed to see an advert in my Sync client today, even though I'm running Pro. I got an "alert" telling me about the upcoming centralized IT management service, 'Sync IT'. Please stop advertising in the Sync client which I paid for.