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  1. I think the Resilio team forgot that there are countries outside of the United States, and that most other countries don't use the date format used by the US. When I hover over the tray icon, I see a message giving the 'Last synced' date. But it's in US date format. The application should take into account the system locale, and then use the appropriate date format.
  2. This is still happening, several days later. At first I suspected it's because Resilio had no staff in the office over the Christmas period to look into their infrastructure problems to figure out why their trackers can't be reached. But now we're well into January and the problem persists. So that can't be it. I wonder how one can trust using a service where many days can go by without the company fixing its servers. Haven't heard a peep from anybody at Resilio about what's going on either. No information, no updates, no acknowledgement of the problem. At this stage there's simply no telling whether they even know or care.
  3. Then when I quit Resilio Sync and relaunched it, it popped up the dialog asking me about connecting to the identity again. This time the choices I'd previously made were pre-populated (i.e. 'Disconnected' and 'T:\Resilio Sync') so all I had to do was hit 'Continue'. It's a mystery why this dialog popped up again. And so, in the end, I had to provide the same information 4 times on this second computer.
  4. When you go into My Devices and have a look at the information for one of your other devices, you see the IP address and MAC address. However, that MAC address is not necessarily (and probably not) associated with the same interface that the IP address is for. For example, I see this for one of my remote computers: IP address: MAC address: 00:50:56:c0:00:08 From looking at that one would think that the network interface that has the IP address on the remote machine has the MAC address 00:50:56:c0:00:08. But you'd be wrong. Because that MAC address is actually the MAC address of one of the VMware virtual adapters on that remote machine. It's not an active network interface and, even when it is, it's not even connected to the subnet. So Resilio Sync is just randomly showing the MAC address of any other network interface on that machine. Which is not only unhelpful but in the context of showing the 2 pieces of information next to each other is actually misleading.
  5. I installed Sync v2.5.10 on two Windows 10 x64 computers. Fresh installs with no existing Sync folders configured. On the second computer, immediately after installing and then running Sync for the first time, I linked it to my identity by entering the link that I generated on the first computer. As part of this process of linking the second computer to my identity, it asked me for the default synchronization mode (which I specified as 'Disconnected') and the default folder location (which I specified as 'T:\Resilio Sync', which is a new folder I'd created on my T-drive just before installing Sync). However, afterwards I saw that Sync on this second computer was thinking that the default location (C:\Username\Sync, I believe) was the Default Folder Location. Weird, as I'd already specified 'T:\Resilio Sync' during the process of linking this second computer to my identity. So I went into Preferences and changed the default folder location to 'T:\Resilio Sync'. But then when I went to My Devices and had a look at the settings for 'this device', it still had the 'C:\Username\Sync' path specified. WTF! So then I changed it there to 'T:\Resilio Sync' and that seems to have worked now. Why was it necessary for me to specify 3 times that I want my default folder location to be 'T:\Resilio Sync' ? What a strange and annoying bug.
  6. BitTorrent/Resilio have clearly tried to keep the data breach quiet. Despite what that article says, BitTorrent didn't notify its users of anything. Quite shameful really.
  7. The email address I created specifically for the purpose of registering on this forum (when it was still called the BitTorrent Forum) has started receiving spam. I create separate, unique email addresses for each online service I register with, which I don't reuse anywhere else, so that I know who has leaked/lost/misused any particular email address. So clearly your database has been hacked/compromised, and your customer details stolen. And the email addresses are now being used to receive spam. Where is your notice to your customer base concerning this security breach?
  8. But if the computers are linked to the same identity, why do they count as separate owners? And beforehand, when I had 4 computers linked to the same identity, I'm pretty sure it still said "You and 1 more" on each of the 4 computers, for each of my Advanced Folders that were connected.
  9. If I do this: On computer 1: Do a fresh install of Sync, create a new identity, set my default initial sync state to be 'Disconnected', and then add a new Advanced Folder. And then this on computer 2: Do a fresh install of Sync, link to the existing identity I just created on computer 1 by entering the appropriate code, set my default initial sync state to be 'Disconnected', and then connect to the Advanced Folder that I just created on computer 1 then when I display the column 'Owner', for that Advanced Folder it says "You and 1 more". Surely it should just say "You". Who is the "1 more"?
  10. I've tried asking Resilio Support to delete all identities associated with my Sync Pro Account, but unfortunately they do not understand what I'm asking for. Here is the initial message I sent to Support: Hello, I want to start again from scratch with my Sync account, in order to delete all phantom devices which no longer exist and in order to change the folder names that are associated with the existing identity. I've already gone ahead and disconnected from all folders on all devices that actually exist, and I've then unlinked Sync from the devices that actually exist. Please can you delete all the identities that are currently associated with my Sync account so I can begin again from scratch. Here is Support's reply to me: Your Sync settings are stored on your personal devices in a folder that we call Sync storage folder:https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/206664690-Sync-Storage-folderTo start from the scratch you just need to delete it but do not forget to stop Sync prior to deletion otherwise it will block your attempts to do this.Also please note that there may be a BitTorrent Sync folder - you should also delete it.If you'll have any other issues or questions - please contact us freely.Have a nice day and thank you for using our product! Here is my reply to Support: Unfortunately, I don't think you've understood my request. There is still an identity associated with my Sync Account, which I cannot fully delete because there are 2 phantom devices associated with that identity which do not exist. I cannot remove them because they do not exist. I need someone from Resilio to delete the identity that is still associated with my Sync Account in order for everything to be fully reset. Here is Support's reply to that: Devices that are visible in My devices window are also stored in the database located in Sync storage folder. So when you will delete it - all your shared folders will be gone from Sync as well as all the linked devices. Is it what you are looking for?Also you can follow the other advices:https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/205457815-Sync-Private-Identity-Linking-My-Deviceshttps://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/204644049-If-your-device-is-stolenThey will lead you to the same effect. What can I do to get Resilio to delete the identity that is associated with my Sync Pro account?
  11. When I purchased Sync Pro in September 2015, I was provided: A customer ID An Order ID A license key, which is a 3KB block of text. When logging a support ticket, it asks for a 'License ID' to be entered into a small one-line text field. What is that?
  12. This is what is left in 'C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync' after the migration : BTSync.exe.18479.tmp ShellExtCM.log ShellExtensionPath64_1C3.dll ShellExtensionPath64_11F.dll ShellExtensionPath64_17A.dll ShellExtensionPath64_103.dll ShellExtensionPath64_128.dll ShellExtensionPath64_230.dll ShellExtensionPath64_EF.dll ShellExtIO.log sync.lng sync.pid SyncShellExtension64_64.dll SyncShellExtension64_68.dll SyncShellExtension64_70.dll SyncShellExtension64_76.dll SyncShellExtension64_83.dll SyncShellExtension64_93.dll SyncShellExtension64_A0.dll
  13. I followed the instructions in the migration article and did the upgrade from BitTorrent Sync 2.3.8 to Resilio Sync 2.4.0. It seems to have been successful. The migration article says this: But after the installation/migration I have both of those folders, the one called 'BitTorrent Sync' and the one called 'Resilio Sync'. Therefore, it wasn't a "move" that occurred but probably a "copy". Is it safe for me to delete C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync ?
  14. I've just found this ShellExtIO.log file when doing a search to find the largest files on my PC. It is several hundreds of megabytes in size. Is this really necessary, and optimal, to be creating such huge log files? Can something be done about it to free up disk space?
  15. Why did the version number go backwards? The version on the download page is now 2.3.5 whereas beforehand the latest version was 2.3.7.
  16. @RomanZ, it sounds like the "cosmetic fixes" were less noticeable fixes that were prioritized higher. Thanks for sort-of clarifying, even though you didn't specify what the exact fixes were. The missing things in v2.2.6 and v2.2.7 were fixes for the very noticeable cosmetic defects. The non-specific changelog made it sound like they had potentially been fixed. Hope that clarifies for you the point I was making.
  17. Very disappointed to see an advert in my Sync client today, even though I'm running Pro. I got an "alert" telling me about the upcoming centralized IT management service, 'Sync IT'. Please stop advertising in the Sync client which I paid for.
  18. I wonder what the "cosmetic fixes" were in v2.2.6 and v2.2.7. They weren't these cosmetic issues. Presumably the ones that were fixed were much more noticeable and important since they were given a higher priority. Do you have some screenshots of the fixes that were done in the last 2 versions?
  19. Can somebody else from BitTorrent please comment. Helen believes it makes perfect sense to have to create a new identity before linking to an existing identity, and admits she doesn't understand the problem. I took a lot of time to carefully explain the issues in great detail, but the reply I got was inadequate. I would appreciate if someone would recognize and acknowledge that the overall experience I described, when trying to link a device to my existing identity, was sub-optimal.
  20. I've just had a bad experience trying to get a device connected to my existing identity. I've just restored a full system backup on one of my Windows PCs, which was running v2.2.6 PRO, to take it back to the state it was in a few months ago. After the restore was complete, I was back to the version I had at the time of the backup, v2.0.128 FREE. Before doing the restore, I unlinked this PRO device. My other devices that were online didn't register this change -- in their 'Peers Online' column, the numbers stayed the same, and when clicking on those numbers, the device I'd just unlinked still showed up in the list of peers in each case. After the restore was complete, the first thing I did was to remove the single folder that was inside the FREE version that was installed, which no longer pointed to a current valid destination anyway. Then I upgraded to v2.2.6. I then unlinked the device and thought I'd be able to start afresh, importing my license and linking it to my existing identity. However, I discovered that before I could do anything, I was forced to create a new identity on this device. I couldn't even double-click the license file without being taken straight to the screen where I have to create a new identity. After creating a new identity, I then had to initiate the import of the license file again, at which point I presume my license became associated with an additional identity. Only then, when I went into My Devices, was there a link that allowed me to connect to an existing identity. I went through that process and it seems to have worked, although the wording in the dialogs seemed to be at odds with what actually happens, and makes the procedure sound very confusing. I chose for the initial folder state to be 'Disconnected' and then manually connected to each one, pointing to the existing up-to-date folders which were on a different drive, ignoring the warning about the folders already existing. Sync then reindexed those folders and all looked good on this restored device. However, on the only one of my other device which was online at the time, 2 out of the 4 folders think that they're in the process of uploading files to the new peer. This isn't happening of course -- it's already up-to-date. So the device that was online all the time, and didn't have anything done to it, is in some kind of confused state regarding 2 of the 4 folders. The other really irritating things I encountered in this process are (1) the known issue where the folder names I had to connect to were the original ones I added long ago to my identity, rather than what I currently call these folders, meaning I had to change the destination folder name manually for each one when connecting to them, and (2) phantom devices, which don't exist, which I'd since hidden on all my devices, are still associated with my identity and I get to see them when unlinking/linking a device. There really should be a way to completely remove phantom devices from my identity, rather than simply hide them. Question: I know there are limitations on how many different identities can be associated with a license. Because I had to temporarily create a new identity before I was even able to apply my license, does this mean I've now got more than one identity associated with my license? In Summary, this is what needs to be improved: 1) Allow devices that are not in the Trial mode to have a license entered and then have themselves linked with an existing identity, without having to create a new identity first. 2) When unlinking a device, propagate that event to other devices so they know to remove the name of that peer from their lists of peers. 3) Make it possible to rename folders associated with the identity, rather than keeping the original names forever. 4) Fix the issue where an online peer gets into a confused state, thinking that it's sending files to the "new" peer when it's actually doing nothing. 5) Fix the wording in the dialogs that are presented when linking to an existing identity to make it more clear what is really happening.
  21. When right-clicking any of the folders inside the Sync client, the menu fires on the MouseDown event, rather than MouseUp. Feels very unnatural.
  22. Hopefully at some point you can get around to fixing some of the graphical glitches.