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  1. I am trying to find somewhere in Australia that sells the WD PIdrive that has been covered in the Bitorrent blog. Does anyone know where I can buy, have googled but no luck yet Thanks L
  2. Hi, To connect to the internet for large uploads I have to use a particular computer at my work place that is open to others to also use. Its a program for TV broadcast so so the files are not for everyone in the building to see yet Is there any work around that Bitorrent has that I could secure a folder so only I could open it. Maybe something like a encrypted disk image? Thanks L
  3. Hi, I want to share/sync a folder with a business partner but I dont want it to sync to all my devices. So there would be one copy on my work computer and a sync copy on my business partners computer. I dont want to sync GB's of data to all my devices when its not use full for those devices. Is this possible? Thanks in advance! L
  4. thanks, I have to use 1.3 becaue I am on osx10.6 the hold shift thing seems to work thanks
  5. I want to share a folder with a mac on osx 10.6 which does not seem to be compatible with the latest update After some googling I found that 10.3 would work It installed but it says it cant work with links I have to enter the secret where do I find the secret?