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  1. hello - I have docker image ( which is based on pretty popular ( since 1st April containers based on this image spits a lot of errors like this: 'assert failed /mnt/jenkins/workspace/Build-Sync-x64/network.cpp:3266' otherwise everything is working fine. You have any idea what is going on and what is the fix? The docker container was based on debian:wheezy, I've updated it to ubuntu:14.04 but it didn't help. Containers are working on CoreOs
  2. @RomanZ: u were right - wrong folder - now it works - thank you it's my github repo with btsync image with reduced log level - maybe it will help someone Arek
  3. hi RomanZ, I'm running btsync on linux so I made debug.txt in .sync folder with 00000000 (inside folder being synced) but I cant see any difference, any other ideas? btw - i can make only one post a day here - so it could take forever to get any help - is there any other place where i could ask? github?
  4. i have BitTorrent Sync 2.0.104 running in container, and all logs are being sent to papertrail problem is it produces a lot of logs, what can I do to make it log only warnings and errors? i cant find anything in help btw. 1.4 was a lot more quiet Arek