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  1. I'd like to suggest implementing the idea put forward in this thread a year ago : http://blog.bittorrent.com/2014/04/15/bittorrent-sync-announces-support-for-network-attached-storage-nas/#comment-1374783515 As one poster mentioned, I also envision Bittorrent Sync as an excellent tool for sharing stuff in an educational environment, but sometimes it is too much work asking the recipient of a single file or folder to install BTSync before one is capable of receiving a single file. The Synology NAS'es that we use allow one to generate links to individual files which can then be used in the curri
  2. +1 for this last suggestion. Thumbnails help organizing photo & video files via one shared folder, without syncing the entire archive. Of course it is perfectly possible to sync a selection of the archive and organize these files locally, and then unsync and move on to another selection, but still, thumbnails, in a model similar to the one zkyevolved suggests, would be better. Without sacrificing bandwidth or unnecessary CPU time in the process. Would hate if indexing photos meant that everything else took a performance hit, but an elegant model, where the default is "no thumbnails" and