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  1. Yes. When creating a sync it would be great to be able to give it a more descriptive name. And when adding a sync folder, it would be good to be able to influence where it is synced besides the default location.
  2. I totally agree. I got the same advice from the helpdesk (figure I could use it since I'm a paying customer after posting the question here). But then I have the 10 folders max issue again. All I want is the 1.4 functionality, but unrestricted (since I'm paying).
  3. I've purchased 2.0 because I rely heavily on sync to keep the data on all my devices backed up. In the current 1.4 setup I have configured multiple synced directories on several devices and pull them all together on my server, where the actual backup with history is done. This has the advantage over regular shared directories that the server can go down for a reboot, while my kids are working on their school projects. The whole setup becomes more lousy coupled. 2.0 makes this setup very difficult. It forces me to connect all devices to each other through the shared identity, and all devices have access to all directories. This is not the setup I want. How do I get the old 1.4 functionality where I can simply share directories?