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  1. There is no way to select the syncing of hidden files such as .vagrant and .gradle. Whilst I can view hidden files in Finder, I cannot see the same files in BT Sync when browsing the same folder to choose a hidden file (see attachement). I'm currently using version 2.0.105.
  2. Hi, After upgrading one point release from 2.0.104 to 2.0.105 on both my 64 and 32 bit Ubuntu 14.04 machines the GUI on 8888 welcomes me with Welcome to BitTorrent Sync., create a user name etc. In other words, it seems to have lost my original setup. Further, on the 64 bit machine I went ahead and created an account again. I using my iPhone Sync App to link devices. Unfortunately: - it did not recognise any of the previously sync'd files. - Now I have the same device name twice in the list of devices but only one is online. - There seems no way to unlink the device with the same name that now can never come online. - Its started syncing with my Mac (2.0.105) and Raspberry Pi ( running Sync and created a load of the same directories appending a (1) at the end not to mention sync'ing gigabytes of data. I haven't proceeded creating a new account on my 32 bit ubuntu machine in case this is a bug. The Mac version seems to be running fine. The only modification I have made recently is to automate the startup of BTSync on the Ubuntu boxes using the following supplied by the helpdesk: 1) sudo su 2) nano /usr/local/bin/ 3) Put in /usr/local/bin/ the following lines: #!/bin/bash cd /your_folder_where_btsync_was_unpacked ./btsync --webui.listen 4) Ctrl+x 5) Y 6) chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ 7) nano /etc/rc.local 8) Put the following line above the "exit 0" line (see the attached pic): sudo sh /usr/local/bin/ 9) Ctrl+x Then reboot your computer and check btsync in proceses. It must start automatically. Here you are. After making the above change in 2.0.104 all my devices were still linked together and thats why I think there is a bug or several in 105. Questions:- Is this a known bug with this release? - how do I recover from it?