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  1. As a business user I don't consider BTSync an obvious winner at all. From my perspective there's far too much risk placed on the end-user with the rental pricing model Bittorrent has chosen. I've been burned by vendors that made major changes to their software after I bought it. If I buy a license, I can continue to use the last version that worked for me without continuing to pay. I simply stop paying maintenance and move on. With BTSync's rental pricing, I would have to pay every year, even if I gave up on new releases a long time ago. That ties up limited funds that could be used to
  2. I've been evaluating Sync an alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage services. As part of a public sector organization, we are not supposed to use public cloud services without going through an extensive contract evaluation process. It's a lot easier for us to implement our own private services that are under our own control. The first post in this thread seems to be written without any regard for the customer's perspective. A subscription model means customers must pay regardless of wether the software improves or not. My organization has plenty of experience with