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  1. Dear friends, I am having difficulty using Bit Torrent Free as the system seems to be forcing me to try the Pro version for 30 days and I do not want to do this. Every time I click on Sync I get a wizard which is trying to take me into the Pro version. Thanks.
  2. Hi, We have a situation where we need to sync files between two servers. Files in server 2 are a two-months-old snapshot of files in server 1. So we just want to move new or changed files from server 1 to server 2 and we don't want to change files in server 1 as a result of this sync process. What I've done to achieve this is added a folder in server 1 and copied the link and added it to server 2 in a read-only mode and pointed it to a folder that wasn't empty (contained the old snapshot). The problem is there are 1.6 million files in the server 1 folder (and around the same thing in server 2) and it's taking ages to index. My questions are: 1) Is there a better way of doing this using this software? 2) The source is being indexed at the moment and the destination also says 'indexing'. Is this refering to the source being indexed or the destination indexing is in progress in parallel to eliminate the need to move identical files? (90 percent of the files are there in both folders so no need to move). Thanks.
  3. Hi, What Symlinks and Directory Junctions are, how does Bittorrent Sync works on the two? Thanks.