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  1. Sure, using software that is funded through ads comes at a cost. That cost is privacy. But is that expense any more than what we're "paying" now? We're supposed to trust a company with keeping the transmission of our data safe from prying eyes. All we have to go on is your word that privacy is your number one concern. The code isn't open source, which already makes us suspicious, and you've gone back on what you said about not removing features which makes you completely untrustworthy. (I like how you didn't address that in your original post there, Pounds.) We have no reason to believe that you have any concern for keeping our data safe. In fact, BitTorrent is under a lot of heat right now about the bitcoin miner you smuggled into your bittorrent client, uTorrent. With shady moves like that, you have a lot to learn about gaining peoples' confidence. All this to say that the privacy lost from a few ads in the software is the least of our concern, and should be the least of yours. Start addressing the real issues.