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  1. I've rebuilt a machine from an image that had resilio-sync installed and configured. I need to give this machine a new identity for obvious reasons, which I've done using the 'unlink from identity' function, however when i look at how my new machine (with new identity) appears from another machine, it looks to have the new User name but the old Peer name. 

    By User i mean the identify when i click on 'Peers Online'. 

    By Peer i mean the identity under the Peer column when i view the detailed screen with the Down speed / Up speed / Latency / Transport info.

    The device I'm using to view the newly minted device has a very long (20000) config_refresh_interval and config_save_interval integers, so I've tried restarting service to no avail. 

    Suggestions very welcome. 

    Thanks in advance. 







  2. uh-oh, I've always used sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install --only upgrade resilio-sync. I'm just linux beginner, and these commands have always got me that latest version. 

    Presumably from the comments above I have to now download then install manually ..... arghhh. 

    Do you have a tutorial on how I might do this .... do I just download my architecture (armhf) and then put in a directory somewhere? 

    Cheers, Geoff. 

    P.S. I have one bug that an update will fix, but I can live with it until you sort apt-get updates .... is there any prospect of this happening soon? 

  3. hi

    I have a Vero4K+ (osmc) which runs armhf. (

    I've added resilio to you still use 'sudo apt-get install resilio-sync' to install 2.6. (Seems to install an older version). do i just need to wait until 2.6 is added online? 

    Cheers, Geoff.

  4. hi

    Recently i'm getting a lot of DB errors; typcially when i reboot my server (osmc debian on Pi). Looking at the pi shutdown processes it does appear to stop the resilio-sync service. 

    Have you recently made a change to the DB or something that makes sync more susceptible to these errors. (other pi i manage have similar issues). 

    cheers,  geoff.