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  1. I sync a folder from my PC to my phone. It is essential that the changes on the phone are not synced back to the PC. This was possible in 1.4 but not any more... This has already led to the corruption of the master copy on the pc due to weird sync issues - tons of files ended up in the archive folder after i went "clear synced files" for some subfolders on my phone... Please consider bringing read-only mode back...
  2. any plans to rectify this? I'm stuck in the same boat. I can see scenarios where I would want to toggle it back and forth... Tried a workaround (disconnecting the folder and readding using the new qr code), but got stuck on an infinte loop saying "this folder already contains data and it might get overwritten". There is no way to get thru that dialog - it pops up again and again. (latest android release as of today)