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  1. MacOS will use the Unix Executable icon for any file that has the executable 'x' attributes set, and which is not identified as any other file type. As T1 fonts don't have file extensions, MacOS doesn't easily know what they are. However, it may not matter that the printer file shows as an executable. Make sure that your suitcase has the file extension .suit. Make sure that and are in your StreamsList file. My T1 fonts seem to be synching OK. However, Apple now describes T1 PostScript as 'legacy fonts'. Adobe have already stopped supporting them in Photoshop, and will not recognise them in all their apps from 2023. Resource forks were deprecated on macOS as far back as Lion.
  2. Now, when I try to add the folder to my Home folder level, it says that it can't add it as the destination includes a folder that is currently syncing, even though I've deleted all the previous attempts.
  3. I'm trying to sync my $Home/Documents folder on two Macs. But I'm having an absolute nightmare trying to select the right folder. I either get a Documents folder inside my Documents folder, or I get the contents of my Documents folder splurging all over the Home folder level. I dragged the Documents folder onto Resilio on one Mac, and the other comes up with "Save to location: ~/Documents/Documents". I've already nearly trashed two computers setting this up, as it started to interfere with Dropbox. Argh. Any advice?
  4. It seems to happen regardless of any syncing in progress. Do you mean "indexing" added to the filename? No, not seen that.
  5. Thanks. Yes, this works well. It now runs at about 3%, though runs up to 18% every 20 seconds for 2 seconds. But much better.
  6. Sync on my Mac is running very hard, and driving down my battery life. It's using between 99% and 125% CPU (100% = 1 core) permanently. I'm using the Sierra public beta, but I seem to remember it was doing this before, but only about 20%, which was better, though still not optimal.
  7. You've lost me with a subscription model. I really liked BTS, and I recommended it to everyone. Now I'm doing the opposite. I'm now looking at other apps that do the same thing. There are others -- even on the Mac App Store -- for a one-time payment.
  8. I got the dialog that a new version of BTS was available, and that I should install it. OK. Woah! No simple upgrade-the-app-and-carry-on-as-before. Straight into click-through wizards about setting up identities, using PRO, with no way "Go back" button for the faint-hearted. I find the new version far too complicated, and I don't way to pay a sub. I'll happily pay a one-time fee to run V2 -- I'll even pay again for a major update. But at a time of my choosing. I don't want a metered clock. I looked at all kinds of sync products, and the only one that did what I wanted was BTS. Loved it. Simple, elegant. For the time-being, I've gone back to 1.4, as I need to read up on all the changes and how everything works now. I'll also wait to see if the backlash causes any revisions.