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  1. This is service traffic Sync relies to. Please contact support to let us investigate if this value of total traffic is common.
  2. Which binary do you try to run on your fedora 30? i386 or x64? What is arch of your fedora 30? Run the following commands and send the output: uname -m ldd --version
  3. You can reset your sign in details according to this article
  4. To get started you can read for example this. You can learn what every column and parameter (in ps command output) means using ps official man pages which are available via man ps command in linux or online as well. So the mentioned flags mean: S interruptible sleep (waiting for an event to complete) D uninterruptible sleep (usually IO) s is a session leader l is multi-threaded (using CLONE_THREAD, like NPTL pthreads do) To learn more about threads/processes life-cycle you can read this article (to figure out what "sleeping" and other specific terms mean).
  5. No, you don't need root permissions to view list of processes. Looks like resource monitor shows threads instead of processes. You can use -m parameter for ps command to see all threads which belong to a process: ps auxm Result from my linux PC is attached. As you can see there is one main thread with 2784 id and several child threads and only one rslsync process the shown threads belong to. So this is just the process monitor issue in your case.
  6. It will be updated when 2.6.0 version is released, no ETA unfortunately. Provided build is just a release candidate for community testing only.
  7. We announced Sync 2.6 release candidate with fix of this issue:
  8. Btw, if you updated your package to 2.5.11 version - you already have valid key so you don't need to update it.
  9. Actually no, we updated old signing key because it expired. Current one won't expire.
  10. Hello. Our Linux repo has been updated too so you can update your Sync package to 2.5.12 version.
  11. Hello. Yes, we know about this issue and working on it now.
  12. Sure, Sync is able to do this. Instruction is here. Sync is available for almost all platforms including Android: Google Play
  13. No, there is no any folder limit if you sync folders among different devices. Let me clarify. I told about multiple external hard drives connected to the same device (computer). The thing is that many users want to synchronize files/folders among drives (internal or external) which are connected to the same computer in order to automate their workflows. Sync doesn't allow to do that. It will not permit you to synchronize one folder location on your computer to another location on this computer (even if these location are on different drives). Our products are being developed to synchronize files/folders among different devices. Hope my explanation is clear. Happy syncing!