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  1. So a while back I noticed that Sync was continually 'sending' on certain folders. Today, I decided enough was enough. So I removed those folders from Sync on my Mac (keeping copies of the actual folders on my system), and then removed the folders from my NAS. I have just added a 5mb folder on the Mac to Sync and it is continually 'sending'. It gets to 98% and then seems to start sending again for some reason. All that is in the folder are .pdf documents - however - when I go and look on the NAS, they are showing up as .pdf.bts I have checked and 'selective sync' is not sw
  2. Don't worry - I've just installed and it overwrote the previous version. Thanks
  3. Hey Romanz - that's great thanks, really helpful, thanks! Is it best to uninstall the existing version or does the manual install just overwrite the existing version ??
  4. Hi Andy That's great - but I can't remember how I actually go about loading it onto my nas? I don't remember how I did it originally and I have read some people's tips on doing but it seems so much more complicated than when I originally did it ? Any thoughts anybody ? I presume we can't get them to auto-update ?
  5. I'm currently running 2.2.5-1 and would like to update to the newly released 2.3.1 .. is there a really easy way to do this? I ask as I've completely forgotten how I installed it in the first place and despite reading some of the advice that I must have read the first time, I'm really unsure of doing it this time round. Thanks m
  6. Hi I'm using BitSync to sync a synology, its working great but now I have a folder marked @eaDir within EVERY folder across those which have been sync'd. Can anybody tell me how to .. a) remove those already created and stop them being created in the future ? Many thanks!
  7. Hi - I setup BT Sync on my Synology DS414 yesterday evening. Today when go into DSM on the Synology and click on Bit Torrent Sync it attempts to open the a new web page with the address ending :8890 but all I get is a white screen ? Last night it was fine! Anybody have any ideas on why this is happening and more importantly - how to fix ?! Many thanks m