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  1. I totally agree with MisterRider. This is still very confusing. I'm figuring out how 2.0 works by try and error. Seams to be a step back from v1.4 at least from that point of view. At the present moment I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to share different sets of folders between different devices that belong to the same entity. :-( Such an important change of functionality and switch to a payed-for model should not come with an automated update IMHO - but should be thoroughly explained to the user before he agrees. Also subscription pricing seems far to expensive to me. I use SYNC mainly to keep seven devices synced. 2 Belong to team-maids and 5 belong to me. I understand that I would have to pay 120,- € / year to go on using this software. This would make it the second most expensive software in my office. I think as a software provider the pricing has to fit the importance (and exchangability) of the piece you're trying to sell. That's a miss in my case as I can very well use windows build in functions to substitute SYNC for the office usage - and than just use it to maintain my phone synced. As this makes the hole scenario so uncomplicated it's easy enough to change to different software altogether of just drop phone syncing totally. I would very well pay for the software once - but I'm not paying this amount of money for a minor commodity tool. If you rethink your pricing to late most people may have found a different solution for their syncing needs.
  2. Hello Everyone. Maybe I'm just too silly but I do NOT understand the pricing model. I'm running Bittorrent Sync in my office. There are 1 File Server and 3 Workstations. Aditionally I've got a desktop and a laptop at home and a mobil phone. I share 1 (ONE) huge folder between all of them (13Gb, 2500+ subfolders). If I update to Sync 2.x will this folder still sync automatically? If I want to subscribe - do I have to subscribe 1x, 6x or 7x? If I only subscribe for my Main File Server - can I use access restrictions for other devices conected? The discription of the pro service seams confusing to me which makes it more dificult do decide in favour of doing it!! Thanks for a detailed answer.