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  1. You just installed it (Package Center -> Manual Install -> etc) and the Synology will figure out that it is an upgrade an not remove the preferences.
  2. Hi, I've just put Bittorrent Sync 2.0 on two devices (Synology NAS') and am trying to enable sync between two existing directories that already have the same data on both devices. So far I've set up one device as the primary and added the folders. The second device I set up as "disconnected". I then added one of the directories to be synced and chose the directory that already contained the data. The issue is that it looks like it's re-syncing all the data even though when I look at the directory it already has all the data. Is this expected behaviour? On other thing I can think of doing is enabling syncing on an empty directory on the second device and then copying all the data back into it. Is that more likely to work? Thanks for any suggestions!