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  1. Thank you , but I don't think that's what the OP is asking for. Like me (I believe,) he wants to know who to change the *folder/directory* after the initial install, not the status of the synced directory. On PC Install, I create "Photo Sync" folder. On my Android device, I create the sync, and it creates the synced folder on my Android in something like "INTERNAL Card/btsync/Photo Sync" The issue is that if on initial Android install, you didn't Disconnect and change the folder then, there seems to be no easy way to change the folder to another destination on the Android device, like "EXTERNAL Card/Sync Folders/Photo Sync" Sure, the Android folder can be disconnected, but we cant change the folder. Worse off, if we remove the now synced folder from Android, the warning says that *ALL* synced data associated with this folder will be deleted, which is also *NOT* what we want. So, how can we change the folder destination after install *without* losing already synced data?