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  1. Hi, I've been in contact with BT and provided them some logs. It seems they have found the problem and are going to fix it in one of the next releases. In the meantime I've also found an easier alternative, at least for me, to the procedure described by bicman11. If the folder you want to sync is listed in the main screen of BitTorrent sync (but not yet connected), when you click on the "Connect" button at the right of the name the folder will be created in the default BitTorrent Sync folder. If you CTRL+Click on the "Connect" button, the dialog to choose where to place the folder will appear (just like when you enter the link doing a manual connection). If you select a folder that already contains the one you want to sync, the "syncing a non empty folder" dialog box will appear but this time by clicking OK everything will work as expected and no loop will be triggered. To me it is the easiest way right now 'cos I selected the option so that my folders do not get automatically synced when I add one. Watch out, in the latest version, the "Connect" button is visible only when you pass over it with the mouse. Hope it will help. Paolo
  2. Hi all, While testing BittorrentSync I've found out two problems that it seems I cannot solve, hope to find some help here. I'm in the process of moving from Cubby to BitTorrent sync and as such I'll have to sync a bunch of folders already synchronized and having exactly the same content. I need to sync folders spread all over my HD, thus I'm not going to use the default "BitTorrent Sync" folder but prefer to create and sync single specific folders. As a test I've tried to sync a test folder called "TestBittorrentSync" located in Desktop of both my main Windows PC and my Windows laptop. Both test folders are perfectly identical, containing a few test files and an additional folder. I've followed the following steps In my main Windows PC have added to BitTorrent Sync the Desktop\TestBittorrentSync folder with the "Add Folder" button In my main Windows PC have copied the share link (Right Click Menu/Share.../Copy) In my laptop have selected "Option\Manual Connection..." In the dialog box have added the link that I got from at step 2 and pressed next In the following "Connect to folder" dialog have selected as a destination "C:\Users\<USER>\Desktop\TestBittorrentSync", as I said before the folder already exists and has the same content as the one in the original PC. When I click on "Next" a warining dialog appears saying "Destination folder is not empty and files could be overwritten. Add anyway?". If I select "OK" the dialog appears again, and keep appearing whenever I click on "OK". The only chance of leaving the loop is clicking "Cancel" but of course the folder is not connected.I have found just few references to similar problem but no solution to it and no clear indication if it's a known bug and/or if a workaround does exist. Can anyone help me or show me the right way to do it? The second problem is that if I add a Junction in a synced folder, it seems that the junction is ignored by Bittorrent Sync and it is not synced, neither for a junction folder and its content nor for a file. Again, it's not clear to me if it's a known bug, if syncing junctions is not an available feature or if is there any trick to address this issue. Thank you in advance for any help. Best Regards Paolo \