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  1. With one of my remote connections, the transfer speed is constantly up and down. (see screenshot below) What can they do to fix this?
  2. I did a workaround and all is good for now. I downloaded RS again and installed a new instance with service. Then, when I added my folders, it said that these folders are connected to a different instance and if I want to move them to this one. I did. Didn't have to setup any port forwarding in the router. It all just worked when my peers reconnected.
  3. Since yesterday morning, I see that both my peers are offline and my peers see that I'M offline. All three of us are remote peers. What's strange is that the other two peers ARE connected to each other fine. So problem seems to be with me and nothing is syncing between me and them. No one made changes on computers. I checked the help pages but all is set correctly by me. Software is up to date. Router and firewall have "allow" rule for correct ports. I already sent logs to support. Please help.
  4. All my peers can sync to me but for the past few days, anything I put into a shared folder does NOT sync to anyone. Any idea what could be wrong?
  5. I wish you would have posted sooner. BT already contacted me via email and told me it's not possible and that I would have to relink all of the folders with the users with new links - and that's what I did already. Thank for the suggestion though.
  6. After restoring my PC via an image file (with EaseUS Todo Backup), BT-sync is asking me to create a new identity. I suppose that since the image file I restored from is a week old, it messed up the BT-sync's date and time. I already had like 9 people syncing with me so how do I get back these people without creating a new identity. p.s. ALL the log and configuration files are still intact (from the restore) in the AppData folder so I don't know why BT-sync is not using them.
  7. For the past two weeks syncing starts and stops after about 1 minute. If I restart the application it starts again but stops again after 1-2 minuets. This is the error in the log file: [2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[8773]: Max number of torrents reached (105) [2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[8773] [C8BD]: connect files to peer, queue:99 dowloading:2/14092866 speed:13106 [2016-07-04 06:20:41] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: timer, reason:UnloadInactiveTorrents - torrent wants connection [2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[B088]: Not loading torrents - sync is paused or fc error [2016-07-04 06:20:41] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: timer, reason:ConnectMorePeers - sync is paused or fc error I've tried many tweaks I found on Google, nothing helped. What can I do?
  8. 1. Before purchasing work-group, I want to understand something about the selective sync feature. Let's say I have 2GB of files syncing to someone. Now I need to immediately send a 15MB file, without it waiting in que... with "selective sync", can I temporarily pause the 2GB folder and have the 15MB file sync first? 2. Will only I be able to use the "selective sync" feature or will the people connected to me also be able to use it? (If only I paid for the workgroup version)
  9. I myself have more than 10 clients and will defenitely perchase the PRO version as soon as I see it works with the first client I'm trying to use this with. She downloaded the x32 bit version but she gets an error, saying that this is not a valid x32 version. She's trying to install it on Windows XP SP3 x32. What is wrong? Below is the screen shot of the error.