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  1. All my peers can sync to me but for the past few days, anything I put into a shared folder does NOT sync to anyone. Any idea what could be wrong?
  2. I wish you would have posted sooner. BT already contacted me via email and told me it's not possible and that I would have to relink all of the folders with the users with new links - and that's what I did already. Thank for the suggestion though.
  3. After restoring my PC via an image file (with EaseUS Todo Backup), BT-sync is asking me to create a new identity. I suppose that since the image file I restored from is a week old, it messed up the BT-sync's date and time. I already had like 9 people syncing with me so how do I get back these people without creating a new identity. p.s. ALL the log and configuration files are still intact (from the restore) in the AppData folder so I don't know why BT-sync is not using them.
  4. For the past two weeks syncing starts and stops after about 1 minute. If I restart the application it starts again but stops again after 1-2 minuets. This is the error in the log file: [2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[8773]: Max number of torrents reached (105) [2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[8773] [C8BD]: connect files to peer, queue:99 dowloading:2/14092866 speed:13106 [2016-07-04 06:20:41] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: timer, reason:UnloadInactiveTorrents - torrent wants connection [2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[B088]: Not loading torrents - sync is paused or fc error [2016-07-04 06:20:41] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: timer, reason:ConnectMorePeers - sync is paused or fc error I've tried many tweaks I found on Google, nothing helped. What can I do?
  5. 1. Before purchasing work-group, I want to understand something about the selective sync feature. Let's say I have 2GB of files syncing to someone. Now I need to immediately send a 15MB file, without it waiting in que... with "selective sync", can I temporarily pause the 2GB folder and have the 15MB file sync first? 2. Will only I be able to use the "selective sync" feature or will the people connected to me also be able to use it? (If only I paid for the workgroup version)
  6. I myself have more than 10 clients and will defenitely perchase the PRO version as soon as I see it works with the first client I'm trying to use this with. She downloaded the x32 bit version but she gets an error, saying that this is not a valid x32 version. She's trying to install it on Windows XP SP3 x32. What is wrong? Below is the screen shot of the error.