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  1. There's really an excellent term for the Sync 2.0 model: bait and switch. 1.4 was unlimited on folders etc, 2.0 became "pro" only and actively removed features that used to be in the previous version. That's pretty scummy by just about anyone's standard. 1.4 is no doubt dead-ended now, I'd be surprised if we saw anything there beyond emergency bug fixes going forward very much longer, so this is essentially a radical change from "free with extras" to "crippled unless you pay". The yearly free instead of a paid single price for this program is down to income maximization, not user friendliness or a desire to "constantly improve" much of anything beyond the bottom line of Bittorrent - it's not like the company actually stores the terabytes or yottabytes or whatever that Dropbox does. You provide a switchboard so the software installations can talk to each other. So the yearly fee that Dropbox charges starts looking mighty affordable now, since they don't just offer the sync service, they offer an automatic backup too. Either way, this bait and switch has ensured that I for one - along with many others - went from a champion of the software to someone now working hard to abandon ship. I certainly won't recommend this to anyone, or consider it for work. Behavior like this shouldn't be rewarded. "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further." -- Darth Vader