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  1. If it's working fine, I would stick with it. When I upgraded to 2.x I was met with disaster. Had the transition went smoothly I would have become a paying customer for sure. I ran into new files I updated on my phone getting replaced with older versions on my desktop resulting in massive amounts of lost work, and a few months of work pictures I took for documentation lost. I'm sure those kinks are probably worked out now, but why risk something that's working for you? I might take the time to give BitTorrent Sync another try down the road when they have committed to a business model and bugs are no longer introduced with updates. Seeing as how I was dealing with a "Beta", all those things were to be expected I guess.
  2. How often are these rules going to be adhered to? Is there an X month guarantee with a purchased license? Or do the Terms of Service allow for changes at any time to agreements. While I don't speak for everyone, I'm sure there's a large group of people who want to support good work by purchasing products, but will never ever subscribe to a service for various reasons. As time is the most valuable resource, I'm sure a lot has been lost by many here on both sides trying to find a good balance of plans to offer. I spent a great deal of time setting up Sync while in Beta, and leaving cloud syncing options. then a subscription model only was opted for. The upgrade not only enforced a folder limit, but resulted in actual data loss and quite a few broken syncs. Then I spent a great deal of time fixing all broken syncing and returning everything back to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and getting everything running again. Now it appears a purchase option is offered. I'm sure most people who got burned on the previous updates are wary to jump into this offer, if it will just be abandoned and rendered obsolete in a few months. Is there anyone who knows if this is a permanent-ish solution? I never have a problem paying for software when I get a new device, or upgrade OS, or similar. It takes time and money to support newer Operating Systems and devices, and that should cost money. But just waking up one day to a notice that "we have decided your license no only supports 15 folders, and 2 devices now. You can keep your setup going for only $39.99 every week now!" seem possible at this point.
  3. So ever since the change/major upgrade I haven't gotten a single successful sync for anything. I've followed all the correct setup processes and linked the devices correctly. I've started with just two devices until I can get them working right. My desktop, and my Android phone. I've started with just a single folder. First off they never sync by themselves. The only way I can get them to sync is by exiting programs on both mobile and desktop, and restarting them both. But usually this results in the older unchanged files being forced and overwritten to the new changed files regardless of which side I make the changes....so any work I've done is immediately lost. All settings are seemingly correct, and I'm not a novice when it comes to computers/networking, etc. Anyone else running into this. I'm assuming the new version has to be working for some people or there would be a lot more posts similar to this. Any ideas?