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  1. Hi, On a Synology NAS with the last resilio version 2.5.12 Every time the NAS reboot ALL folder are Paused, Another identical NAS haven't this behavior, how can I reset that ???
  2. is someone @Resilio Support Forum monitor thoses threads
  3. Hi, To Start syncing a very big folder between computers I need to copy files localy first before moving computers away. Should I include the ".sync" folder with all the archive to have a better start ?
  4. +1 !!! Many of my share have the same name, like an "asset" folder sitting on every project i made. this would be great if we have a first descriptive collumn.
  5. Hi, on a synology nas the app don't open the port via UPNP to allow managing remotly the server. Can this be a futur feature available in the resilio config, or better is this already possible and how ? cheers
  6. Hi @RomanZ Thank you for your reply. You haven't read under the lines here ;-) Since you already open some ports on the router, why not opening this one too via an option. 99% of people don't know how to install libnatpnp on their NAS or simply don't know too how to open a port on their own router. That's Why you use UPNP/NAT-PNP no ? Please consider it because the interface on a NAS for example isn't accessible from the outside while the own NAS interface is ;-) Thanks
  7. Hi, It's very hard to maintain a Sync server on a NAS, if Sync can't open a port on his own Router. On Linux box and Max i can install libnatpmp and open manually the port on the Router, but own can we do that With a NAS ? Thanks
  8. humm trying to find the log on the master NAS but can't find any line dated dated from the 25 april all the sync.log file & sync.log.######.zip (17 files in total) files contains logs from 1 little week no more. (in /usr/local/bittorentsync/var/ is there any other place to look ??
  9. Hi @Helen Sorry for the delay, busy here. In our case we had roughly 20 library in sync with 4 NAS and 5-6 mixed WIN/MAC computers Though All that was through one single Identity...
  10. Thanks Helen, that's ok now but we loosed some precious time reconnecting machines and servers... hopes this wont happen again Cheers
  11. Hi, Yep the entire list was like (icon outlined with dashes) and no, folders are here and full of datas ! At the time i read you i've already found the article on re-populating folder, i'm in the process with that but re-indexing folder with tons of files is very long. I'm not very sure because it wasn't me but i think maybe that's happened when a computer of us was rebooting on another OS with an outdated client + this computed has the same hostname, does this could cause any problems ?
  12. Hi, This morning all my folders are disconnected. That's a big problems, We had like 20 plus Project Folder actives and somes projects shared with clients are 200 GB or more ! I've tried to update from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 but it's the same... 1. What's the correct way to reconnect to an existing folder 2. After reconnected is it a know problem and fixed now or is this going to happen again ??? 3. Maybe a simple trick can reconnect again our folders ??
  13. Because it's common to need some folder synched and not the others. I hope in the future i can do just that because in the other case we end with way too much sync and more importantly unclear names on the sync app listing. Example, I'm working on recurent directory structures: ProjectA: i'll sync with my colleagues: ProjectA/dev ProjectA/assets ProjectA/Footages only part of the project structure because i don't need the parts who don't concern me ProjectB/dev ProjectA/assets ProjectA/Footages only part of the project structure ... So actually with sync i'm presented 2times dev folder and 2times assets folder etc imagine that on a production environment... now, i understand that when i sync a mymovie folder full of .mkv with a friend i don't want all the movie and clicking over then is a cool and convenient way. But in a working context with many files we can just afford clicking over all the new files... I think you need to find a compromise because, in my case it's not "production ready". Just look you're advertised case here http://blog.getsync.com/2015/07/09/how-a-creative-film-company-uses-bittorrent-sync-with-adobe-premiere-to-share-files/ This is typically a case where the man just can't click on every footages to get them (if not the project fail) and just typically the case where the guy want to sync just a portion of the video project... ;-)
  14. Hello, Well, this is not good. This is not a folder sync this is a "Sync only the actual files listed now in this folder" When i click "Sync to this device" on a folder this actually sync only the actual files and not the new/upcoming ones !!! This is a big problem because let says i sync an "inner" folder for a working video project, with every days tons of new images and footage all linked to a project file. The software just can't open and all is messed up ! example: An Adobe premiere Project A Unity Project An Unreal Engine project etc.. etc.. each example listed needs a whole directory structure synched. I know i can share only the folder but actually if i do this i'll need like 60-70 sync folder, not manageable at all. What do we need ? well just a folder browser with checkbox like the other "cloud client (copy.com etc)" showing where we need folder sync or not.
  15. Aarrrrg you're right for the win/linux/client, how can i do this on my NAS ???