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  1. It looks like my folder was not an Encrypted Folder to begin with (ie created before Sync 2.3 release), so there is no option to generate an Encrypted folder key/link. The only way I could get the folder to migrate to an Encrypted folder is to disconnect both ends, create new Sync folders in the same directory. However, this caused all of the data on the server where I want the Encrypted Folder to get overwritten, and have to Sync all over again. I tested this migration on a smaller folder with less critical data, so this was fairly painless (and took ~10 minutes to transfer). However, I'm nervous about doing it on my other folders that are larger and have more sensitive data that we can't afford losing (and don't want to have to wait for all of the devices to re-sync everything). Is there any way to add an Encrypted Folder share key to existing Standard or Advanced folders?
  2. @GreatMarko Thanks! Working on it now; will post updates of my results soon.
  3. Would this method work if I try to update the folder type from Standard/Advanced Folder to Encrypted Folder?
  4. Hi everyone, Is there a standard/recommended procedure to migrate/upgrade a regular Sync folder to the new Encrypted Folder option? I have a couple folders that have nodes on 3rd party servers where I'd love to start encrypting them. Should I just have every node disconnect the current folder (but don't delete the data), and set up a new Sync folder one the same directory? I've been trying to search for this answer, and I've seen at least one person ask this question on the blog post with no answer. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, Has anyone successfully set up two FreeNAS devices to sync between each other?? I've tried searching for this topic, but didn't find helpful posts. Both of my FreeNAS devices have 2.0.1 installed, and are functioning. However, when I try to add the shared folder to the 2nd device, it gives an error of "Cannot identify the destination folder". How do I fix this?? Thanks!