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  1. you are welcome. I don't really need Pro - but I wanted to support you Now can you get someone to slim uTorrent back down to "micro" without all the crap - you would get even more supporters *G*
  2. Hi, I just tried to support you on the new 2.2 Pro - but I think your paypal is not setup for one time payments. Can you please ask your guys to setup paypal NOT to require a "perceptual" fully approved drain in my Paypal account? That should only happen on subscriptions. (actually never unless EXPLICITLY chosen by consumer) I do not really want to give you access to withdraw anytime you want at your discretion. I know I can delete your permission after buying - but I do find it very intrusive to enter into a "kind of" automatic renewal agreement without me asking for it - especially when the product I'm buying is not a subscription! /k
  3. Just a little tip.. BT Sync 2.0.105 and MikroTik are not friends when it comes to uPNP BTS creates the rules fine in the MikroTik - but BTS does not see the rules as enabled - and seems to then ignore traffic incoming from the port. To fix - add manual rules for your transmission ports (UDP & TCP) and disable uPNP from BTS. I don't know who is to blame - but all my other uPNP devices work fine with MikroTik routers.