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  1. Yep, exactly the same. Both systems have the exact same folder structure as I mentioned earlier. They are on NTFS. I believe the indexes are separate for each OS, so when a file is synced over from another computer when booted in Ubuntu, but since the file is now modified (updated) and when you boot into the other OS, BTSync Windows will reindex the file as a newer copy (not sure?) I'm not sure how BTSync handles file conflicts.
  2. I'd like to add another scenario for the BTSync team to take a look at: I run two machines, both dual-booting Ubuntu and Windows 7, and installed BTSync 2.0 without a hitch on all four OSes, where the directories are referenced at the exact same locations (eg. E:\Data in Win7 and /media/Data in Linux). However, files can get overwritten if the following series of events are in order: Initially, all files have been synced with all 4 OSes. 1) Files are modified on Machine A and is synced with Machine B on Ubuntu, 2) Machine B switches off. 3) Machine A continues modifying files. 4) Machine B switches on and loads Windows, and overwrites newer files in A with older ones from B. Understandably because in Step 1, files have been synced only in Ubuntu, but not indexed in Windows. BTSync Windows thinks the files that were synced over in Ubuntu have been fresh and unindexed when it first boots in Step 4, and thus overwrites the so-called newer files in A. Because of this, I will now have to ensure that I have a primary OS I boot to first, so as to not cause these kind of problems again. I would like to ask the BTSync team if this is a recommended setup for dual-booters like me - because I constantly switch between environments depending on the work I am currently doing. I was also wondering if it would be a better option for BTSync to merely compare the last modified timestamp of files when determining file conflicts - or better to pose these as options for us to choose from. I really love the product and actually paid for a license, but because of this problem I recently reproduced (thank god for .sync/Archive!), I was wondering if anyone else can provide a better solution to this problem, or a better recommendation for my workflow. Of course, the best would be to have a remote server to constantly poll for changes, but that's another story. Another option would be to have separate pairs of directories for each OS... But neither are what I was initially looking for.