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  1. Thank you!!. Files were 'read only' on iphone and ipad. I changed to read/write and all working now. A quick question to you, is it possible to re-name filenames (not folders) in Btsync on iphone, i can't seem to find away. Thanks again!
  2. Using IOS 7.0.4 on iphone 5s this makes btsync almost useless on my iphone - When using the functionality 'open in' - BTsync does not allow the user to choose a folder to save to. For example: Open Dropbox app > select a file > choose 'open in' > select btsync Btsync then opens and gives the options 'add to folder' or 'cancel'. Choose 'add to folder' - at which point btsync options a blank page with the options at the bottom to 'cancel' or to 'save'. But you cannot select a folder to save to, there is simply a blank page and if you try and select save nothing happens you can only 'cancel' This happens with any app that offers the 'open in' functionality.