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  1. UPDATE @Helen Have sent logs for all 4 devices to the support team.
  2. Another update. This is here so the support team can reference this thread As a reminder, I’m running BTSync 2.3.3 on Freenas 9.3.1 and a Mac OSX 10.11 on the same internal network. I have the same setup on a second location. Both sets connected over internet. I'm having issues with files not syncing between the machines. I upgraded to 2.3.3 on all devices , created new freenas plugins and jails, started new the btsync and re-synced everything yesterday evening. The initial sync looked good and it seemed that most things were syncing. The speed was ok until the last fe
  3. Unfortunately Helen I dd not have logs set up. But I've updated the BTSync Freenas plugins from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 this afternoon and things are starting to look ok. Your team must have ironed out some wrinkles. I'll have to give it a few days and see how this does. But I will be switching on the logs on all my devices in case there are future issues. b.
  4. Update. New files created in on the FreeNAS is being picked up by both the Mac and other FreeNAS Content that has been updated (so an image files with the same name that has been changed). on the FreeNAS, is picked up by the Mac, but not the other FreeNAS
  5. Looking at the setup after a couple of days, it seems that; The two macs are syncing ok Content created on the FreeNAS system is being found synced on the macs. Content created on the Mac, is not being sent / picked up by the FreeNAS system, Strangely folders and subfolders are, but no content. b.
  6. Thanks @RomanZ That is very interesting. I will try to run this on my FreeNAS server inside a Jail on a lubuntu os. Cheers B.
  7. Hi all, I'm having major issues trying to sync files on FreeNAS. My setup is a macmini and a freenas box located on the same network central London. Also a macmini and a freenas box located in on the same network in south London. All machines run BTSync 2.3.1. Both networks have fixed IPs. Each instance of BTSync has a different port number and these ports are allowed through the firewall. All instances of btsync have the other machines as defined hosts. Just in case. and to remove any issues I run a script on the FreeNAS to make sure all file permiss
  8. Hi, Does BTSync on this system support any kind of file system notification? Thanks Bill
  9. Hii @AquaRelliux I too am having issues syncing two FreeNAS machines. Did you solve your issues with the two FreeNAS machines? Cheers B.
  10. Hi @Helen I'm not sure if Bittorrent Sync on FreeNAS / FreeBSD is working. I've many files just not syncing. I've set known peers with fixed IPs and ports. I've Turned off any low disk priority, lowered the folder rescan times, changed all permissions on files/folders so any user can Read / Write. It just does not work! Any ideas? Thanks b.
  11. Hi @Helen Thanks for the reply. BTSync is a great Idea. I have BTSync, running on 15 folders. All the folders are standard manual folders. A hangover from the 1.3 days. And some of my less techy colleagues understand these. Could this be an issue? The two main servers are FreeNAS machines - syncing over the internet - where I have BTSync installed in a couple of Jails. I'm trying to sync approx 6tb of data. Though this will increase in time. Other machines are macs dotted around the London, each syncing different folders from this main pool. These Macs seem to pick u
  12. Hi @GreatMarko Thanks for the reply 1) yes I am referring to up/down arrows in the Sending/Receiving columns? Can you confirm what the green & blue colours mean please? 2) Yes, I'll add in a feature request. It's not great having these useful columns and no info on them. 3, 5, 7) will add in feature requests 4) Size. The examples I gave were gigabytes apart in size, and i've no ignore list. Maybe this needs a thread of its own. Though I have noticed files buried in subfolders that are same name on bother servers but different timestamps which are days ap
  13. I’m running BTSync 2.3.1 on two Freenas servers both in different locations, connected over internet. I have 10 questions for the gurus here. 1) I’ve read conflicting information on interweb. Please can I get a definitive answer on what the green and blue arrows represent. 2) The web GUI amongst other options, has columns showing Status, Peers Online, Receiving, Sending, Progress. Peers online is always showing how many peers online. Status Receiving, Sending and Progress columns are mostly blank. Can these be forced to show current information?
  14. Another +1 for bringing the status icons back in the main window. I thought it was a bug at first, odd that it's intentional. Why bother having a status column? Can it be brought back as a user configurable option?
  15. Hi, I have a few questions. Thanks in advance for helpful answers Q1. 1.4 to 2.2.x I have one folder that is synced with 5 other computers. One of the computers is an old OS X mac and can only run BTSYNC 1.4.111 (other versions including 2.0 seem to crash often). I would like to move to all other machines to 2.2.x. 1.1) Am I correct in thinking that I will have to use a standard folder, so the 1.4 machine will still be able sync to it? 1.2) Can a 1.4 machine link to a Pro folder? 1.3) Will the other machines running 2.2.x gain any beneficial sync speed or performance (betwe
  16. A manual / force sync on a folder would be superb. I'm surprised this was not in place from day one. To me, it seems a real basic requirement. I have a folder many sub-folders and files (images) inside synced to four other machines in different locations. It would be so good to be able to choose a folder (or particular file/image) and select that item to sync now.