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  1. Now that 2.3 brings selective sync to Linux, is there a way to implement this on NAS? I see the option in the webGUI, but no controls. (Pro License) Is this still on the roadmap?
  2. The changelog link is a 404. Can admins please fix. Would like to know the changes in this package. Cheers.
  3. Latest version available for (Synology) NAS is still at 2.2.1 on the download site....
  4. Thanks @isaacrdz That worked a treat. The code still needs fixing to prevent having to do this workaround mind. -=zdz=-
  5. Running Sync 2.2.1 (104) on Synology NAS. Just purchased a Personal Pro License. It says to copy the link to the keyfile and paste that into the Manual Connection box. Each time it says 'Invalid Link' The link is valid, and it downloads the .btskey if pasted into a browser. I do also have the *.btskey file, can I do anything with this? How do I go about licensing my NAS? Allow us to upload the keyfile directly! -=zdz=-
  6. Issue resolved. I was entering the WebUI over an open firewall port: External Interweb > DDNS > Router > Port mapped > BTSync Odd; ALL other functionally was operational, just missing the Share option. Possible bug? Logging in via the LAN restored the option. Anyhoo, my help others in similar situation. -=zdz=-
  7. BTSync 2.0 been up and running for a few weeks now on Synology NAS, peers connected and synced. However, the 'Share' option is missing from the webpage on existing folders. That means I can't add new peers (i.e. export the key - which is all I need!) This is the missing option (example): I was on v2.0.105, just upgraded to 2.0.120-1 still no change. I am the folder owner. Thanks for reading. -=zdz=-