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  1. This would be very useful on mobile too. Progress of files, where they are transferring to/from... the info thats available on desktop "app."
  2. I have a sync folder to push pictures and videos from my phone to my mother of her grand-babies. I am not looking to keep two copies of these videos on the phone. Photos and videos also sync to my desktop as a go-between and to save on cell data. If it weren't for the fact that i have 3 Mb internet with a 756 kbps up-link, I wouldn't care so much. It just takes so long to upload just of the phone, on WiFi of course, that I need to use the desktop as a intermediary. If it wasn't for the huge increase in data volume, I could just share my camera backup, but that really sounds unnecessary and excessive. Question is: if I "clear" a file before it is synced to my desktop, or wherever else, will the transfer continue to complete before the original file in the "granny share" folder is cleared? All software is current. Any ideas or other thoughts? Thanks waregle82
  3. Does the re adding need to be done on all machines or just one?