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  1. Hello, same issue here with resilio on qnap nas (os version The sync is working but impossible to login to the webUI. I have tried to change the port number in the config file without any success. (even after restarting the process, and the NAS).
  2. Hi everybody, On a Qnap Nas, I just wonder how you can set up BTsync on the folder "/share" (the root one)? During the set up process, BTsync doesn't allow me to do this... See screenshot here : I think it's all about permissions right, even if I'm logged in as "admin" (=root account on Qnap Nas). For the moment BTsync just allow me to choose a subfolder but we already have folders (for example : ADMIN, ARCHIVES, LIBRARIES, WORK) inside the "/share". These folders have been previously synced with RTRR protocol (approx. 3TB of datas). Now we want to manage the syncing process with BTSync... because RTRR is way to slow... If you have any idea, it would be great! Thanks in advance. Regards. John