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  1. I have five devices in my sync network: two desktop PCs (win7), 1 laptop PC (win 8.1), one iphone 6+, and one android phone (Sony Z1 compact android v5.0.2). I turned on "Camera backup" on the iPhone and connected it to the SD card on the android phone. This causes the Android phone to go into "indexing" mode endlessly, which quickly drains the battery on the phone. There are 7.6GB of photos on the iphone. It works fine when I use the built-in storage on the Android phone, I only have this problem when I use the SD card. No problem syncing with the PCs. I have tried several times wiping the files, renaming the folders, etc. I have tried creating another "test" folder and tried syncing that to the android SD card, and that works fine. I have other sync folders and they work fine. Only time I have this problem is with the iPhone camera backup syncing with the Android SD card. Is this a bug? Is there any workaround? It works fine when I store the sync folder on the Android internal storage, but the internal storage on the android phone just doesn't have enough space ... I have to use the SD card. Craig