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  1. Hello everyone. I'm struggling to get speeds from sync. Here is the setup and my results. Server: Ubuntu Server 12.04 (4) 250GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD's in Raid 0 32GB Ram 4Core/8Thread Haswell Processor. Dedicated 2Gbps Network Link Home PC: Windows 8.1 64 8GB RAM 4Core/8Thread Haswell Processor. 150MB/20MB Internet connection. As you can see I'm not having a hardware problem to cause any slow downs. I have tried a predefined host, as well as using the Relay/Tracker Server. My server can definitely talk to my home PC no issues - Ports are good. I can't for the life of my get more than 2-3MB/Sec Upload to my Home PC. Also while it transfers it will climb to 2-3MB/Sec, then dip down to about 175K, and start to climb again. This is constant through the entire upload. I'm testing this using a single file - about 25GB in size (Not hundreds of little files) What I have experience in the past on a different server (This is interesting) Maybe this is a known issue I'm not aware of. When I had Sync on an Un-Raided drive - I would get great speeds. (Single SSD) But it seems on Raid 0 - my speeds tank. With my Home connection - In theory I can download at 18.75MB/Sec - Which I get close to on segmented FTP transfers. What else can I try - Any suggestions? Thanks