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  1. UPnP was disabled on the router itself.
  2. OK, so I have a problem with BT Sync 2.0.127 (35) just killing my wifi in my house. I have an Android phone that pulls files in 24/7 from the internet. When those files are finished downloading, they move to a shared BT Sync folder that should then sync to my laptop (OS X 10.9.5). The problem is that as soon as BT Sync starts moving files across the wifi, every device on wifi (iPhones, Mac) experience super intermittent internet. Webpages slow to a crawl, Netflix is not an option, everything is down. Pause the sync, and everything comes back up immediately. At first, I thought this was an
  3. Is it possible to add file downloads to a remote 'Drop Box'? By this I mean: Find the URL of a downloadable file on the internet. Copy the URL to the clipboard, then fire up Sync and say 'download this file to this other PC.' Then a few seconds (or minutes) later, the file is downloaded (to remote PC) and begins to sync to my local PC. The reason I would like this is because my internet at home is slow and very unreliable, but I have a 'server' living at my mother-in-law's on fast, reliable internet. When I need to download any file over ~10mb (driver packages, Windows ISOs), it's much mor