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  1. Hello all, I am also trying to update btsync. First of all I stopped the service through "sudo service btsync stop". I downloaded the newest version and tried to change the name of the older file to replace it with the newer one, but I can't change the name of the older file, I get a permission error. The permission should be 755. Any Idea what can I try? Thank you
  2. Hello, how does the notification of newly added or changed files in a shared folder work in android and OS X? Thank you
  3. Solved, it was as easy as selecting the other folder. Somehow I thought it had to be done with that syncing folder.
  4. Hello all, the android app seems to stop syncing if the app is not open after some time (couple of minutes). Is this behaviour normal? I would expect to keep syncing the files in the background. Thank you
  5. Hello all, I can't find any option to select the SD card as the source for the camera backup, is it possible at all? It works perfectly with the internal memory of the phone, but I save the photos on the SD card, and these photos are not being backed up. Any idea? Thank you a lot!