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  1. This use case might be a bit strange but it has been an early limitation I've noticed after using Bittorrent Sync more seriously. I'm working on something like this: Project / Subproject A / Subproject B / Subproject C / ...All of which subprojects have their own folder hierarchies, and in some cases their own Git repositories. If I'm on my laptop, I'll selectively be working on one subproject at a time (and potentially never all of them), and would like to sync all of just one subfolder of the connected folder "Project". At the moment, the only obvious way to do this, as far as I can see, is to open each one of the files within a subproject folder. This is cumbersome and in some cases quite difficult or impossible (in the case of working within a Git repository). Obviously working on a Git repository shouldn't require the use of syncing software in the first place, but my feature request would still stand without it: "Without creating a new sharing folder for each subfolder, would it be possible it add a UI to select subfolders within a connected folder and have them behave as if just the subfolder were synced?"