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  1. I think I found the issue with this folder. This folder is on a SD card on the 2.3.7 W8.1 tablet, and the SD card has a tendency to grow errors when powered off improperly, or the tablet BSOD's. It reports errors on the card, scans for more errors, and 'fixes' them. There is a second 1.4.111XP computer that has a folder that is shared with the 2.3.7w8.1 tablet on the same SD card and that folder is not working as well. I'm sure that the logs would show some sort of errors, and the solution would be just to restart all over again with new folders as it's a hardware and not a software problem. That said, if it happens again, is this something I should log anyways and submit for 'interest' sake? or is this something that you don't really need? The only thing I find interesting is that BT Sync couldn't recover from the card after it was 'fixed'
  2. I'm really confused as to why I'm having issues. I have three folders that I'm syncing between the two computers, and they've been perfectly fine for the past couple of years. But recently I've noticed that one of the three folders just doesn't really sync very fast or very well. The other two folders work as expected, and the "Size" numbers match, in addition to just 'working'. The third folder has issues. While the other two folders on the XP1.4.11 machine have green check marks, that third folder has a "Out of Sync" error. And while the other two folders note "1 of 1 peer" the third folder can't see the same peer. Or wait... now it does. But I can see some moving and changes that aren't reflected on the other computer. Could wifi be an issue? The 2.3.7w8.1 computer has wifi issues, but that doesn't explain why the other two folders work perfectly fine...
  3. I deleted the associations from the computer with the outdated changes and relinked without deleting the sync folder in the old computer and it seems to be working again with the proper updates. It was very scary for a moment as there was a moment when all changes and moved files seemed to have deleted themselves from both computers. All is good again, but it's a bit annoying as there has been issues in the past where both computers see the other computer and acknowledge their connection to each folder, but one of the 3 folders refuses to update.
  4. As the title states. I have 2.3.7 running on both computers. with three folders being shared as three different syncs. Two are working fine. One does not want to sync between the two. I've made changes and moved files around on computer A, but it won't sync with computer B. How do I restore the sync function without losing all the changes and files that I've moved around duplicating themselves as if I started from a fresh restart?
  5. I'm having an issue with a computer that can connect to other computers at 100mbps on a local area network via ethernet, but when synching files, only does it at 10mbps. How do I create a log so that I can post it and get help? All my other computers on xp/8.1 have no issues at all. I've googled the problem and done all the reccomendations, including defragging.
  6. If I've got 4gb of 1000 files, and a host computer with limited upload, does the 'host' computer 'upload all the files with no redundancy' to whatever computer can take it, to leave the remaning computers (should the host computer go offline) to share the files (so total uploads = 4gb of 4gb files, no redundancy), or does it upload one file, make sure that everyone gets it, then uploads the next file (so total uploads 8gb = 4gb original files + 4gb of redundancy before folder is 100% seeded)
  7. In the spirit of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I've been running on my W8.1 tablet/computer on BT Sync 2.3.6 - 32 bit with no problems. I have two desktops running XP (yes, I know) both with BT Sync running 1.4.111, the last working version for XP. For some reason, my tablet running 2.3.2. corrupted, requiring a 'refresh' of the w8.1 OS and as part of the process, BT Sync was deleted. I'm a bit hesitant to upgrade from 2.3.6, since it's critical that I have reverse compatibility with 1.4.111, and XP. I also hate feature bloat, and 2.3.6 kept it simple enough for me that it did what I wanted it to in the background with 100% reliability. Is there a point anyone would recommend that I do not upgrade past if I were to jump to a more recent version?
  8. I have checked all the settings and they are all correct. In fact, the speed has dropped even further to 500kbps. Very slow. Normally, I'd blame my network, but doing manual transfers, I get 2500kbps very easy.
  9. The problem is that BT Sync uses Torrenting protocols So any router with QOS will identtify the traffic as P2P. Dropbox uses 443/80 port traffic which is common web portal traffic.
  10. As described by the title, I'm getting less than ideal transfers between the two above computers. The wifi network is 802.11g, and with bittorrent sync, I'm getting transfer rates of only 1000Kb/s, but just using standard network folder transfers I get 2000Kb/s which is near the realworld max of 802.11g. Is there a setting with BTS that I can use to help improve transfer rates? These two computers never leave the house.
  11. Hi there, could someone create a sample ignorelist file for me? I'm familiar enough with the syntax, however, I don't know where/how to place it. And it also seems that the ignorelist structure is different between 1.4 and 2.x. If I want to ignore a folder called [Sample], how would I insert the syntax? 1.4 # IgnoreList is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols. # # # OS generated files # .DS_Store .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes ~* ehthumbs.db desktop.ini Thumbs.db ._* and 2.x # IgnoreList is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols. # # # OS generated files # .DS_Store .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes ehthumbs.db desktop.ini Thumbs.db # Temporary files # ~* *~ .~lock.* *.part *.crdownload @eaDir @SynoResource .@__thumb ._* As you can see, they're both slightly different. Where do I insert the rule/exception?
  12. I use the QR code to register the phone, but all it seems to do is open a download list from the desktop to the phone. What I want to happens is that I want to auto sync the photos from the phone to the desktop, and to move videos and music to the phone to watch and listen. There doesn't seem to be any 'folder' selection. It seems that sync ignores the file structure of the WP8, at least for the photo's part anyways. What am I doing wrong?
  13. In the process of starting all over again, I"m getting security issues on my 8.1 tablet. First of all, I couldn't download it on the tablet . Something about security certificates after scanning the file. Then I got it from another computer of 2.3.0 and in the process got a "windows protected your PC" trying to install it. I'm given the choice of "Run Anyways" or "Don't run" Is this a coincidence?