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  1. Thanks so much for the reply! I do have a lot of Office-related files, especially Word and Excel, so what you've described is probably what's happening. I will go ahead and delete those tmp files and then add the .tmp extension to SyncIgnore as you suggested. I really appreciate the help
  2. Hi everyone! I am a new user of BTS and have been generally successful keeping my laptop and PC files synced over the past few weeks. However, I noticed that the main synced folder on my PC has a ton of .tmp.bts files with names that don't match any actual files. These seem to be different than the placeholder .bts files which do have names that correspond with actual files and disappear when I do a manual sync. The temporary files have names like 1AC621E3.tmp.bts, when there is no actual file named 1AC621E3. There are so many of these files that it's making life difficult in terms of navigating the containg file folder. My question is whether I can delete these temporary files without risking the loss of actual files? It would seem so, but I'm wary of deleting anything without being confident it's okay to do. Any help would be appreciated - thanks!