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  1. Hi there, I've just installed 2.2 over 2.1.4 and the bug is still there. However, I believe I installed 2.2 on a different machine that upgraded from an earlier version (2.0.x?), and the bug wasn't there. Are you aware of this? Do I need to do a clean reinstallation?
  2. I recently upgraded from 2.0.?? to 2.1.4 (79). Formerly, I was able to look at the sync history and identify which machines had finished syncing, or had added/removed files. It was very convenient. Now, all it tells me for each machine is "Remote peer". This is totally useless now. I have 10 computers syncing, how can I tell which ones have synced or not now? History now tells me 8 times, "Finished syncing with Remote peer". Which ones have not? Why was this change made? How can I get peer names back?
  3. I have one machine in a group of 7 peers. It is randomly getting false status messages that it has been "disconnected by owner". I can't find any history of this happening to others. Furthermore, we're not using the paid features of BT Sync 2.0, so we don't actually have the capability to disconnect this machine except from the machine itself. I can't find anything in the log file that seems to indicate the disconnection that's going on. Can anyone offer some insight into what's happening? Thanks, -Kody
  4. Do I simply submit a section of the sync.log to pastebin? http://pastebin.com/vQWP3wid
  5. Where do we send the logs to? I've got an issue where one rogue computer continues to choose to delete files, despite a full reinstallation of BT Sync. -K
  6. This is happening for us too. The rogue machine that is deleting files is a Windows 7 machine running Sync 2.0.128 (36), which is the same as the rest of the clients on the network. We've disabled the client on that machine for now, and the rest of the machines are still working fine. The machine was running a virus scan at the time. Can this impact the sync capability?